How it works

Learn how to be rewarded for your social clout and receive gifts & experiences from top brands.

Create gifting campaign

1. Create gifting campaign

Choose a product from your catalogue you want to Gift and upload a photo.
Set parameters

2. Set parameters

Gender, location, interests, number of followers and more - you’re in control of who can apply for your gift.

3. Receive waves

Influencers who match  apply to be gifted and let you know what they can do for you in exchange.
Select who to gift

4. Select who to gift

You pick the influencers you like best.
Watch the content roll in!

5. Watch the content roll in!

We’ll notify you when a review or post has been done. Repost organically for free or buy images you want to use for your marketing at fixed low costs.
Create your profile

1. Create your profile

Put your best foot forward, tell us about you. Link your Instagram, TikTok and Youtube Accounts. We match you with great brands for gifting offers!
Swipe left to wave for a gift

2. Swipe left to wave for a gift

Each day we’ll present you with a range of fun #gifts for you to review - products, restaurants, hotels, services, and much much more. Simply wave at the gifts you’d like to review.
Get accepted

3. Get accepted

When the brand decides you're a match, your goodies will be on their way! Easily communicate your exchange, upload files, and videos.  
Create the content

4. Create the content

You’re the star! Create unique photos, videos, written reviews, and social media posts for the brand featuring your gift. Tagging the brand in your posts automatically notifies them when you post.
Share your experience

5. Share your experience

Leave a review. Let other creators know what a brand to collaborate with and increase your chances of more brands wanting to work with you!